Continuing our work to showcase our tenants, and shedding light on the fantastic work being done at M-SParc, we had a virtual sit-down with Stef of Aerialworx to learn more about their business.

Aerialworx is a professional drone company that specialises in designing and building bespoke drones for film and television production.  Stef Williams founded the company in June 2013, and Aerialworx has since become one of the UK’s leading aerial filming providers within the film and TV arena.

The aerial filming sector is a strict one; luckily Aerialworx are 1st Option Safety approved, ARRI and RED certified and regularly fly large drones with their extensive range of cinematic cameras.

To date, Aerialworx have worked on over 350 productions for leading franchise television and broadcasting companies around the globe including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, Sky, Netflix, Sony Entertainments, Universal, HBO, NBC, ESPN, Activision and National Geographic to mention only a few.

Their projects includes BBC Coast, Strictly Come Dancing, Call the Midwife, Brassic and a 007 commercial!

Innovation? What makes the work exciting.
At this point we laugh, and Stef says - “Seriously! You have to ask!” It’s true, the work already sounds exciting enough! 

Okay, working on drones in its own right is super exciting, but to make it even more exciting, Aerialworx get to play with CNC milling machines, CNC laser cutting machines and 3D printers every day and if that’s not enough, they then have to build the drones with all the parts and then go out and fly them!

It’s not often you get to take part in every step of the journey to see your project come to life.

Benefits of M-SParc?
“We love being at M-SParc. It’s a professional, clean and energetic place for us to establish our business. It’s in close proximity to our home and also close to our 15-acre flight testing field.”

What next? 
A lot (well, almost everything) of what Aerialworx does is protected by NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and so it’s hard to say what’s coming up! That said, Stef is looking forward to 2021, and is very excited to open Drone4Hire, their new drone hire company, as well as working closely with an events organisation developing a ‘world first’ – watch this space!

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