Campaign to bring skills and innovation back to north Wales sparks significant interest

A new campaign targeting people who have left north Wales to encourage them to return to live, work or establish a business in the region has proven popular as many individuals and businesses have expressed their desire to return home.

The Dewch yn ôl/Rhowch yn ôl (Come back/give back) campaign targets those who left Wales for work or education, to return to the region where opportunities for well-paid careers, and support for starting businesses, are available.

Run in partnership with the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, Llwyddo’n Lleol, Bangor University, Darogan Talent, Gwynedd Council and others, the reach of the campaign is expanding and delivering it’s aims to bring back local talent.

So far, a large number of people across the United Kingdom with connections to north Wales have responded to the campaign and expressed their interest in returning to live, work or start a business, demonstrating that the opportunities and support provided by M-SParc and partners is an attractive proposition to bring people back to the region.

Anglesey-native Sara Williams, who graduated from University of Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea before going on to work for Jaguar Land Rover in the Midlands before returning home at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, said she found the campaign exciting:

"As someone that has been away from home since graduating, before returning at the start of the pandemic, it is so lovely to see the business community across north Wales come together to encourage people like myself to come home to live, to work, or start a business. "Coming back home to work and live is something I, like many who have left the area to find work, have always wanted to do, and I'm excited that this campaign is determined to create more opportunities to encourage people to do the same."

Josef Roberts has already returned to north Wales after many years of working and studying abroad. He co-founded his own business, Pai Language Learning, to create jobs in north-west Wales and help the economy:

“After spending most of my early 20's studying and working abroad, I decided to come home to Wales and set up my own business because I felt that I had a duty to try and help develop our economy. “I could not, in my heart of hearts, stand the dissonance of complaints about the lack of jobs and level of the economy of Wales, without trying to do something, in my own small way, to improve it."

Danial Owen, a PhD student at the University of Liverpool but originally from north-west Wales added:

“This campaign is of interest to me because I’ve always believed that I had to move away to find work. “I return to north Wales every year to see my family and friends, but I never thought I would live there again because of the lack of work opportunities. That makes this campaign a special one to me as it gives me an opportunity to come and live at home and have the same work opportunities as I would living away.“

To get involved, find out more.

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