Art at M-SParc


Rachel Rosen,
Continuum II, 2018

Manon Awst
Stone Speak, 2018

Meirion MacIntyre Huws
Sut, medda chi?, 2017


1. Continuum II , 2018 - Rachel Rosen

This artwork was created by Rachel Rosen, an artist living and working in Gwynedd and known for her constructions that often re-use distressed materials.

She has designed the sculpture using some of the vintage iron mill workings cleared form the original site when work started on the Menai Science Park. The sculpture incorporates a wheel, some fragments of machinery and the original slate name-plate of the farm that once stood near here, representing a continuum from traditional technology to modern innovation. The design and the choice of concrete to create the sculpture relate strongly to the building, it’s character, and to the origins of this commission in the TANIO art project that Rachel carried out for a Menai Science Park in 2017. Continuum II involved a further important collaboration, having been constructed with significant support from Mona Precast, a local company who were also a supplier to the M-Sparc site.

2. Stone Speak, 2018 - Manon Awst

Manon Awst is an artist and researcher who grew up on Anglesey, who is known for her site-specific art projects investigating different landscapes and architectural contexts.

Stone Speak is a collection of sculptures representing the complex and unique geology of Anglesey, installed in the M-SParc garden. With the support of GeoMôn and Natural Resources Wales, the artist has collected Precambrian and Carboniferous rocks found on different sites on the island, including the unique pillow lava from Llanddwyn Island, an example of the famous Moelfre limestone, a blue schist from Rhoscolyn and a sample from Mynydd Parys. In addition she has created a new 'Anthropocene' rock from reclaimed aluminium, which looks towards the future and gives a contrasting, contemporary edge to the collection.

Manon was also the coordinator of the TANIO art project.

3. Sut, medda chi?, 2017 - Meirion MacIntyre Huws

On the first-floor balcony of the building, facing the mountains of Snowdonia, is an installation by the designer and poet Meirion MacIntyre Huws. During the TANIO art project which took place during the construction phase of the Menai Science Park, he conducted a series of workshops in local schools, including Ysgol Esceifiog in Gaerwen. One result of these workshops was the poem 'Sut, medda chi?' which refers to some of life's mysteries which have been solved by scientific research.

The poem is installed in a playful and experimental manner, connecting to the spectacular architecture and environment of the Menai Science Park.

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