We spoke with: Director Chris Gaunt

Continuing with our work to demystify the work that goes on at M-SParc, we sat down with Chris Gaunt in our own sustainable and BREEAM excellent building, to discuss how he works with sustainability in architectural design!

Evergreen Building design is a company that works on designing sustainable, low carbon homes. Working closely with clients, they design and develop beautiful homes that have minimal environmental impact, either by minimizing the carbon emissions arising from the materials and building techniques used to construct our designs or by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings throughout their lifetime. They further assist by taking the client through the daunting planning and building control approval process.

An image of Chris and Matthew in the M-SParc building
Chris Gaunt and Matthew Cook

Recently, Chris has been working on a new build eco home in Rhoscefnhir. The clients’ vision was to create a modest, sustainable two bedroom home, which harnessed the atmosphere of surrounding rural landscape. They were passionate about using Passivhaus design principles in order to minimize energy needed during occupation and were keen to adopt a fabric first approach. This meant providing extremely high levels of insulation and achieving absolute air tightness to reduce heat loss. This project has enabled new innovation through researching sustainable and healthy building materials and building techniques.

Understanding what healthy buildings can do for our wellbeing is truly cutting edge, innovative work and is something not many companies in the UK, let alone Wales, are currently undertaking.

Since moving to M-SParc, we have been able to develop our company processes to maximize our productivity. In the near future we will be looking to recruit another architect to bolster our design team, something we could never have done without the business support that we received here.

Benefits of M-SParc
Evergreen Building Design moved to M-SParc three months ago. Chris noted that he used to work from home, and said “Moving to M-SParc, a building which itself considered the environment both aesthetically and practically in terms of low carbon impact reflects really well on our company.”

What’s next?
Looking forward, EBD are looking to expand their client base through a referral system that they have developed with contractors from the local area. Customer satisfaction and trust are a key focus of their design process. A network of trusted collaborators has been key in this and for the growth of EBD. They are currently making plans to tender for larger projects that are within the public realm, such as social housing developments, with the aim of applying their eco friendly design approach to drive the healthy and sustainable building industry forward.

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