North Wales ignites national digital conversation in new Welsh Parliament group

A new group has been founded in the Welsh Parliament to promote the digital sector in Wales and its contribution to economic growth.

At the core of the group, comprised of experts and elected officials, are one of Wales’ leading authorities in the digital sector Menai Science Park and Ynys Mon MS Rhun ap Iorwerth, placing north west Wales at the heart of a national conversation.

The newly-formed ‘Cross-Party group on Digital in Wales’ has been founded to ensure that Wales is well-placed to benefit from the digital sector – a sector experiencing vast growth and one that provides well-paid careers and an abundance of opportunities and challenges.

The group will explore the role of digital in contributing to a positive future for Wales in areas such as inclusivity, skills, economy, public services, and infrastructure – core elements of the Welsh Government’s Digital Strategy, which the group will aim to scrutinise and contribute to the further development of.

Ynys Mon MS Rhun ap Iorwerth led the efforts to form the group, which he will chair, with Bangor University’s Menai Science Park as Secretariat, as the group brings together experts with a focus to enhance and develop the nation’s digital sector.

Speaking after the Cross-Party Group’s first session, Menai Science Park Managing Director Pryderi ap Rhisiart said:

“This is a very exciting opportunity for M-SParc to be involved in helping to move the digital agenda forward in Wales, collaborating with elected officials and a wide range of experts at the forefront of this field. We are involved in many groups and projects in this sector, and feel there is a ‘movement’ developing which we in north Wales can lead from the front on.

“There are clear opportunities in Digital in Wales across a range of sectors but there are challenges to overcome along the way as well, and this gives us a platform to discuss those challenges and how best to build on the opportunities.

“M-SParc is so much more than just a building. We’re having a positive impact on the economy, creating opportunities for people across the region, and supporting our tenants to innovate and create well-paid jobs in a range of sectors.

“Being part of this Cross-Party Group allows us to continue with our aim of upskilling the younger generation, ensuring we have the local talent for this growing sector, and that we make the most of the economic opportunities that are available in this field for the benefit of the region.”

Chair of the Cross-Party Group and Member of the Senedd for Ynys Mon Rhun ap Iorwerth added:

“I was pleased to establish and to be elected as Chair of a new Cross-Party Group looking at the role and opportunities of the digital sector in Wales.”

“We had a very good first meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport to discuss the Welsh Government’s new Digital Strategy, and had a wide range of participants – from academia, agriculture, the health sector and more.

“Not only is the digital sector important economically, but it can also bring benefits - and challenges - to so many of us in our every-day lives, and I am pleased that we now have this new forum to bring people together to share ideas and experiences.”

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