Continuing with our work of demystifying what goes on at M-SParc, we spoke with Amlwch's own Billy Williams, about his new venture - Cufflink.

Cufflink is a new Innovative Technology company that has been at M-SParc since November 2018, with the intention to create and develop an Application and integrated service for your phone. Working for both iPhone and Android, the App will store your Personal Information, allowing you to be in charge of when and where you share it.

Billy Williams is a co-founder, and, being originally from Amlwch and having spent many years living and working for large multinational organisations abroad, decided to return to North Wales to continue working and set up his company.

Cufflink itself is innovation. The new company is making a truly ground-breaking move forward with the product it is creating.

Currently, your Personal Information is stored by a third party, be that a Website, Organisation or your phone itself. As a result, your Personal information is stored and duplicated many times which increases not only the costs for the third parties to store and secure this information, but more also the likelihood of your information being hacked or accessed illegally.

Cufflink gives you somewhere safe to store and share your personal information which can then be used to register for websites and services with only a reference to your data needing to be stored. Cufflink also lets you link and share your information with friends, family and colleagues ensuring you stay in touch and are updated automatically.

Benefits of M-SParc
Since establishing at M-SParc and receiving this funding, we have three employees, and have recently been able to recruit 2 Summer Interns from Bangor University. This is thanks to the link with M-SParc and the business support offered to tenants here.

We made a conscious decision to base ourselves in Anglesey as, being a native, I'm acutely aware of the lack of opportunities for our youth and the lack of highly paid and skilled jobs available in the Area. In 2019, you can work anywhere, so where better than this fantastic building with all the benefits that come with it, including the support staff and the great neighbouring companies who work here too. We'd like to help and by basing ourselves at M-Sparc we hope to do so.

Albert Owen MP, Billy Williams, and Pryderi ap Rhisiart M-SParc MD

Where next?
The Company is currently performing focused Market Research in conjunction with developing the Beta Prototype App, ready for an initial targeted release in Q4 2019 for which you can sign up by visiting the website or contacting them directly.

Our vision is to grow the company to be the global leader in Personal Information Management and through strategic partnerships, continued Government and regional support and shear hard work and determination, we hope to succeed.

Keep an eye out for this company, it's going to be big!

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