On the crest of a wave

Over recent weeks we’ve seen the world changing all around us. While many of the changes have been difficult, there have also been lighter moments. With less carbon emissions as we all stay at home, nature has returned to the environments they had been driven out of. We’ve seen fish in Venice canals, clear blue skies in large cities, and goats in Llandudno! On a serious note, this shows that clean energy isn’t just ‘nice to have’, but essential for the planet to thrive.

Wales - and Anglesey in particular as ‘Energy Island’ – plays an imperative role in meeting this renewable energy need, with well-developed marine energy partnerships and projects gearing up to generate clean energy.

Anglesey is the proud home of the Menter Môn project, Morlais, made up of ten developers looking to locate their tidal and marine energy solutions off the coast, and connect directly to the grid. Morlais has the potential to become one of the largest tidal stream energy sites in the world. Swedish firm Minesto, who is part of the scheme, is developing its first utility-scale tidal project: the first low-velocity tidal energy project globally.

Developing a supply chain with the skills and capacity to service the tidal energy sector in general is critical. This is where M-SParc; a science park based on Anglesey, and Bangor University have a crucial part to play.

Innovation is used as an intransitive verb here as it really is happening every day. M-SParc is already housing companies who can work with energy and tidal projects, and has built a community of like minded, driven companies who work sustainably and within the energy sector. Everything from digital, to engineering, to technical skills are already here! And innovation means they can be diversified into new energy projects.

Skills are also on the doorstep, not just from M-SParc companies, but from Bangor University located a stone’s throw away. The demand for skilled people and support via a supply chain is being met already and will only grow stronger as projects in the region develop. The School of Ocean Sciences, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and the Product Design school are all developing employable students who have an eye on the future, on developing sustainable solutions, and on being part of the supply chain response.

This is exactly what a Science Park is for – the link that sits between innovation, industry, and academia, pulling it all together so the ecosystem comes to life. Wales has the right ingredients and ambition to innovate and become at the fore of the marine energy sector.

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