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Welcome to M-SParc! M-SParc is a Science Park. There is no swing or slide here, a 'science' park is very different from a playing park!
There are many different companies at M-SParc, and they all use different kinds of science. What is science? Here are some videos to show you!

You will learn much more about science in school, but remember that you can also learn on your own.

Skittle Science

Using Skittles, you can learn how water moves around - the video explains it.

The Moon

Have you ever looked up at the moon and wondered why it has all those big holes, or craters, in it? You can create your own moon surface in order to test it out!

Science Programme

This is a programme where Gareth Jones teaches us lots of little experiments to try. If you want to make a paper aeroplane, you can skip to 18:23 minutes or 31:26 minutes in. To learn how to pour water from a bottle really quickly, go to 46:13.

Project Rainbow

A University is a place where you can go to learn one specific subject, but it is also full of people who teach specific subjects. Those people use their time to do a lot of research into new things. Our friends at Bangor University woud like to share the Rainbow Project work with you! There's lots of interesting things going on. Click the image below to get to their website!
Prosiect Enfys

Paper Clip

Look at how you can make a paper clip float on water!

Floating Pepper

Or what about this, a way to make pepper move in water, which looks like magic!

Editing Sound

And what about this - a way to make noise louder!

There's lots to think about when you start to think about science. It's important to keep learning. And of course, if you're going to try out what you saw in any of these videos make sure you ASK AN ADULT for support. All good scientist know that being safe is very important.

We would like to thank ourfriends at Science Made Simple for letting us use these videos.

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